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DEI Group

Practical DEI Solutions

​​We provide practical solutions to help organisations become more diverse, inclusive, just, fair, and sustainable. 

Whether you want to design and build inclusive products or services or want to improve existing products or services, whether you want to develop a diversity, equity, and inclusion-based organisational culture, or whether you require group or individual coaching and training - DEI Group's independent consultants will provide practical solutions to get you started and get you over the line



Inclusive Design

Are your products or services inclusive enough? Are they designed to meet the current and emerging demands of a more diverse and inclusive society? This consultation will ensure you build sustainable, inclusive products, services, and brands. 


DEI Leadership Coaching 

This is a unique one-to-one experience to learn first-hand everything you need to know about diversity, equity, and inclusion, based on the LACE Framework and borrowing from the extensive experience of our consultants in implementing DEI initiatives.  


DEI Assessment 

The diversity, equity, and inclusion assessment is an in-depth, rigorous look at how your team/organisation is performing with regard to DEI. The assessment will point out where you are exceeding and where you need to make improvements.


DEI Leadership Session

This is a one-day session to immerse leaders or managers in practical, comprehensive, approaches to building a culture centred on diversity, equity, and inclusion. You will learn practical ways to improve DEI in your organisation/team.


Microagressions Session

This is a two-hour session to explore microaggressions – what they are and what we can do to stop them or minimise their impact. The session draws from real-life examples and explores practical steps for making a difference immediately.


Sustainability Assessment

This assessment will look at your products, services, policies, and procedures and advise on how they contribute towards sustainability. We will also make suggestions on how to optimise and recalibrate for improved sustainability. 

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