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DEI Group

Areas of Expertise

We can resolve any organisational challenge through DEI, social justice, and sustainability-driven practical solutions.

Any organisational and business challenge can be resolved by improving diversity (of background, life experience, and beliefs), including a wide range of voices, giving equal opportunities to everyone to contribute, and understanding the impact of our solutions and outcomes on society and the natural environment. This fundamental approach enables us to solve problems in a wide range of sectors, including, but not limited to those listed below. If your sector is not listed, please get in touch and we'll work with you to find solutions and answers to whatever questions you have. 



Big societal problems and challenges require collaboration and participation of every voice. We excel at coordinating and organising such voices



Successful politics is about serving the majority well. The majority includes everyone, even those who are a minority in numbers. 



 We help to ensure healthcare welcomes and benefits everyone and achieves great outcomes for everyone regardless of who/what they are. 



Access to and participation in sport is a human right. Yet not everyone has the same opportunities for various reasons. We help to remove those barriers.



The entertainment industry often functions as a mirror to society. As such, all people from all walks of life should be represented, seen, and heard. 



Equitable access to education is essential for social mobility and progress in life, especially for people from underrepresented groups.



Society expresses itself and is reflected by the things we produce and buy. When those expressions and reflections exclude others, everyone loses out. 



The products we sell must be designed with every kind of consumer in mind. That is good for business and good for society.



Travel brings the world together. No matter where and how we travel, it is essential to ensure everyone has the same access and possibilities for travel. 


Employee-led Organisational Culture Design

Read more about how our consultant helped a large organisation by working with its employees to design their organisational culture based on shared values and needs. 

Divisional Microagressions Conversations

Find out how our consultant worked with a large organisation to help employees in smaller divisions to engage in constructive conversations on microaggressions

Fair Treament Ambassadorship Programme

Read about our consultant who developed an award-winning, employee-led Fair Treatment Ambassadorship Program for a large organisation. 

Inclusive Design in Land Surveying

Find out how our consultant applied inclusive design principles in developing an end-to-end surveying operation for a large public sector organisation.

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