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DEI Group

These pledges are formal promises or commitments that we will always put people who face bias, discrimination, or any disadvantage at the heart of what we do.  And that we will always think of and consider the impact of our actions not only on people, but on the environment that sustains us. 

These pledges demonstrate our commitment to the core values of fairness and doing good for good’s sake. By making these pledges, we are publicly declaring our intentions and hold ourselves and our customers and partners accountable to uphold and promote those values. 

DEI and

Sustainability Pledges


Diversity and Inclusion

We pledge to always act in the interest of people who face bias, discrimination, and disadvantage. We only help organisations to help people and not to advance organisations' other objectives. An organisation that prioritises diversity and inclusion will find it easier to make real impact and achieve its objectives. 


Equity and Social Justice

We pledge to always be guided by the principle of equity and justice. That means we seek fairness and impartiality in the distribution of resources, opportunities, and benefits. We are devoted to ensuring that everyone has access to the same opportunities in line with the disadvantages they face in accessing those opportunities. 


Sustainability & Climate Change

We pledge to promote and advance ideas and solutions that are positive for people and for the natural environment. We are always willing help organisations to develop, advance, and implement such ideas and solutions even if we are not paid for the work. 


Collective & Individual Responsibility

We pledge to exercise collective and individual responsibility and to encourage people we work with us to also take individual responsibility for the change they want to see. 


Global Good

We pledge to always prioritise ideas, actions, and solutions that do the most good for the most people. By doing so, we ensure that our actions contributes to the good of all people and living things, and to the global good. 

Our Promise

We pledge to always put people first, specifically people from historically disadvanatged groups.

We do what we do because we care. And it is important to us to put in writing what we care about and our ambition and vision for a diverse, inclusive, fair, just, sustainable society where everyone can be happy and thrive without having to overcome barriers caused by undue bias and prejudice. 

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