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DEI Group

The People

Our consultants provide practical solutions to help organisations become more diverse, inclusive, just, fair, and sustainable. 

The DEI Group was founded on the fundamental belief that representation, diversity, equity, inclusion, social justice, and sustainability are basic human needs. The solutions to the challenges we face on those issues are a necessity that requires constant and persistent effort. The DEI Group is committed and dedicated to using the most innovative and creative ways to find and try and deploy new practical solutions to help organisations that want to do good for thier employees, thier customers, society, and the planet.  


As a group of like-minded professionals, we shine some much-needed light on information and data about representation, diversity, inclusion, equity, justice, and sustainability - and lead the conversation in exploring, finding, and implementing practical, actionable, data-driven and informed solutions. 

Our Story

We are an evolving group at the begining of what we hope to be a rewarding journey for us and for those we work with. Our journey began with our founding members realising that the peacemeal approach to organisational culture, especially Diversity and Inclusion, that is adopted by many organisations was ineffective and not sustinable in the long run. We found that most organisations deploy  DEI activities for the wrong reasons. For profit or gain and not because it is the right thing to do. 

We cherish working with organisations that want to do right for its own sake while making profits and a positive impact on the people they serve, employ, and collaborate with.  

As we continue to grow and write our story, we will work with anyone who shares our values. 

Our Values

Our values are steeped in the belief that solving today's problems requires us to look through the lenses of what makes us whole - all our differences and similarities brought together. We believe in the power of synergy and syncroncitiy, the power of learning to move and dance as one. 

Thus, we always seek to understand our clients and the nature of the problem they intend to solve. We believe every problem can be solved by becoming more diverse, inclusive, fair, just, and thinking about the impact of our actions and solutions on humanity and the natural world. 



Give everyone the benefit of the doubt unless their actions consistently veer from their words and intentions. 



We go far if we all know how far we plan to go, what resources we have to move us forward, and what barriers stand in the way. 



The best solutions seek not only to address the problem but also to fully understand the problem and its nature. 



Success can only come from teamwork. Great teams are made up of individuals who put others first.  



Individuals cannot flourish outside the community and the community cannot flourish without selflessness.



What is good for humanity is that which hurts no living beings in its pursuit or realisation.

Join Us

We are more effective when we collaborate and we make bigger impact if we combine our diverse knowledge and experiences. We are always open to welcoming new voices to our group. If you are an independent consultant, contractor, or freelance professional in any area relating to organisational culture, you are welcome to join our growing community of experts. Please follow the link below to learn how you can join what will become the most influencial voice in in organisational culture, especially Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. 


Savania is an orgnisational culture specislist, author and creator of the LACE Framework. He is a highly experienced expert who has worked with and advised leaders on DEI in the private and public sectors. He is also the CEO/Founder of Ooasis,  a company developing a digital platform to help organisations build and foster sustainable organisation cultures based on the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Savania offers advice to leaders, facilitates workshops on DEI, as well as develops and runs training courses. He is also open to speaking engagements on the topic or related topics. 

Please contact him directly through his website for more: 

Savania China/Principal Consultant

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