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DEI Group



Supporting companies & organisations to become a great places to work for all

Our Mission

To do what's right for people
and the planet.

DEI Group is committed to making a positive impact for all people in the places they work, the communities they live in, and the natural environment they are a part of.

How we Help


Organisational Culture

We provide organisations with practical Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion tools to build and strengthen their culture and become the best places to work.


Inclusive Design

We help organisations design and develop inclusive products and services that cater for the broadest spectrum of needs and maximise profitability and impact.



We help organisations to incorporate sustainability in how they work and in the products and services they develop so they can avoid harm to the planet and all living things. 



We help leaders develop the necessary understanding and practical skills to make their organisations more diverse, fair, responsible, caring, successful, and impactful.



We help organisations going through change to make sure the change does not affect the quality of life and opportunities for people from historically disadvantaged backgrounds.


We Advise, We Coach,
We Design, We Deliver

We offer comprehensive services, from one-to-one coaching, group training, research, evaluation, and design to full implementation of solutions to make organisations more responsible, caring, sustainable, and profitable.


Employee-led Culture Design

Guiding employees to lead the design and development of an organisational culture based on shared values and needs.

Microagressions Conversations

Facilitating difficult conversations about microaggressions to develop shared understanding and positive attitudes.

Developing a Fair Treatment Ambassadorship Program to help an organisation foster fair treatment through self-directed employee actions. 

Fair Treatment Ambassador Program

Inclusive Land Surveying

Working with surveyors to design a survey system and processes for optimising inclusivity 


Where we work

We bring our expertise to all sectors - public, non-profit, and private - to develop and deliver solutions for sustainable, diverse, and inclusive workplaces and communities. 


Public Sector

We work with governments - national and local - to help them become more diverse and inclusive and to deliver services that meet the needs of all people and are good for the planet. 


Non-Profit Sector

We work with non-profit organisations, including larger international agencies like the UN and the EU, trusts, charities, cooperatives etc - helping to improve their culture, effectiveness, and impact. 


Private Sector

Today's customers and consumers demand and expect organisations they buy from to be good and to do good.  We work with for-profit entities of all sizes and shapes - from startups to multinationals to develop great organisational cultures and products and services for today's customers. 

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